Jean M. Simpson
Senior Consultant

Prior to joining the JLP Solutions consulting team, Jean’s career centered on helping people! She worked to help people find their passion through professional and business development and vocational services in a handful of executive leadership positions. She excelled as an accomplished executive with extensive experience in organizational development, program development, contracting, financial management, and event facilitation. Jean’s experience in developing and managing contracts, policies, procedures, and practices in the private and nonprofit sectors is universal and she loves sharing her experience with organizations in the nonprofit and business sectors. Jean’s ability to create sound business networks through coalition-building by strategically aligning partners throughout her professional career is a true cornerstone. She is an excellent communicator, and team leader who excels at unifying teams around mission and vision!

As an experienced executive director of the Girandola Foundation and GroWashington, Jean has rich experience in developing and analyzing performance management, efficient workflow systems, strategic development, and standard operating systems. While with the Girandola Foundation, she effectively mentored entrepreneurs through a master class of entrepreneurship for the formation and development of their businesses. At GroWashington, she effectively managed platforms and created opportunities for new and small business owners to bring their goods and/or services to market. In both roles, Jean led these nonprofits through the expansion and development of programs, fostered community relationships, and secured government contracts around the state of Washington, establishing the Girandola Foundation as a premier contractor for the State of Washington in their Federal SEAP program. While at GroWashington, Jean's strategic leadership and partnership development enabled her to create a wildly successful event where she created a sponsorship campaign, which exceeded monetary goals by five hundred percent!

In addition to her executive roles, Jean has been actively involved in her community as a judge for the SuperNova Business Launch Competition, a member of the Historic Downtown Association, the Snohomish Community Coordinating Committee, and many others. She has a passion for connecting people and has served as a board member of various organizations, including the Girl Scouts, and the YWCA North Central Washington. When not connecting people and organizations for work, Jean enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and creating metal art creations with her partner.

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