Jenny Pratt

Principal Consultant


Jenny Pratt is a dedicated nonprofit executive with a strong commitment to helping

nonprofits thrive through a lens of racial justice, inclusion, and community engagement.

During her two-decade tenure as Executive Director and CEO of YWCA North Central

Washington, she led initiatives to eliminate racism and empower marginalized

communities. Jenny collaborated with experts to develop tailored racial justice

programs, creating safe spaces for dialogue and community discussions on race and


Recognizing the importance of diverse representation, Jenny developed systems to

strategically recruited board and staff members from marginalized backgrounds,

fostering inclusivity within the organization.

Jenny's dedication to inclusion extended beyond racial justice. She developed

comprehensive programs and support services to address the intersecting challenges of

poverty, addiction, mental health, and legal issues faced by marginalized individuals. By

forging partnerships with other organizations, she expanded access to critical resources

and services, emphasizing trauma-informed care and cultural competence.

Currently, as JLP Solutions, Principal Consultant, Jenny utilizes her expertise to support

nonprofits to develop strategic systems directing nonprofit organizations to thrive and

achieve their individual mission, vision, and values.

Jenny's exceptional leadership skills and track record in executive leadership make her

an invaluable resource in developing systems for nonprofits in the areas of

organizational development, board development, executive coaching and review, crisis

management, strategic planning, and organizational management.

More recently Jenny has expanded JLP Solutions to include a team of some awesome

senior consultants, each with their individual unique expertise and experiences. Jenny

enjoys working alongside her team of highly skilled and passionate professionals to find

just the right fit for every nonprofit client.

Personally, Jenny enjoys the beautiful outdoors while camping, hiking, and boating with

her husband, three grown children, and three adorable grandsons.

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