Logan Pratt
Project Manager

Logan Pratt is a multifaceted individual with a unique blend of skills in logical thinking, logistics, and a mechanical mindset. With a strong passion for making a difference, Logan has dedicated their career to organizing projects for nonprofits and interacting with nonprofit leaders to ensure their success in achieving their missions.

With a meticulous approach to organizing and managing projects, Logan brings a wealth of experience in logistics, ensuring that every aspect of a project runs smoothly and efficiently. Their mechanical-minded nature allows them to identify innovative solutions and optimize processes to enhance productivity and effectiveness.

Beyond project management, Logan is actively engaged in conducting research to support nonprofits. Utilizing a range of methodologies, including surveys, interviews, and listening sessions, Logan gathers valuable insights to understand the unique challenges faced by nonprofits. This research serves as a foundation for providing tailored project support, empowering nonprofits to thrive and fulfill their missions.

Driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact, Logan is committed to the nonprofit sector and strives to create sustainable and impactful solutions. With their strategic mindset, empathetic approach, and dedication to continuous improvement, Logan Pratt is a valuable asset to any nonprofit organization.

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