Committee Development

Committee Development

Thriving non-profits have standing committees to help carry out the work of the governing board, and to assist the staff in meeting annual budget and mission goals. Standing committees are generally chaired by a board member and have 2 or more community members (appropriate staff can also participate) with desired skillsets. (Finance, Health, Family Law, etc.) Committees with community volunteers are also a valuable pipeline to board leadership. Having working committees are key to a thriving organization. Whether your organization has staff or not, committees are essential. Standing committees are generally outlined in your bylaws and are ongoing, while ad hoc committees or workgroups usually work on short term projects. Thriving nonprofits have working committees that understand their function and commitment to carry out well-defined area of work. Most importantly you should identify who will steward committee leadership to keep momentum going for the long haul. JLP can help your organization identify what committees would most benefit your organization and help develop tools or provide ongoing committee facilitation.

· Develop committee descriptions that outline clear roles and responsibilities for individual committees.

· Develop committee chair job descriptions.

· Develop tools and templates for committee development and reporting. (Agenda, minutes, road maps, etc.)

· Provide ongoing committee guidance and facilitation.

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