Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process is an important activity to galvanize and engage the board and senior staff members into action. The process will help to assess, document, and chart the course towards their collective strategic goals. JLP recommends a 3-year (some organizations do well with a 4-year, 5-year) strategic plan to start. The ideal strategic planning process begins in advance with some pre-work for board and staff, culminating in a full day of activities, with designated follow-up work to complete the plan. The strategic planning process can easily take 2-4 months or more, depending on detail and the groups zest for completing the project. JLP offers a range of services. From complete strategic planning from start to end or a simple plan update facilitation. 

The strategic planning process helps your organization identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities while identifying any threats before setting the course of your organization’s future. Thriving organizations want to include a diverse set of voices when setting out to build a road map for the organization that identifies goals and objectives to be realized within the timeframe set forth.

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